Gift Giving on a Budget!

December- Gifting on a budget

The month of December calls for fuzzy socks, warm drinks, and… an empty bank account? Not necessarily. Here are some ways that you can still participate in the season of giving without participating in withdrawing too much from your bank account.

Host a gift exchange

This year, rather than finding gifts for all of your friends or family, consider drawing names to assign gifts. Everyone gets a present, but no one overspends.Setting a limit on how much you spend can also help take the pressure off of spending outside of your means.


Cookie exchanges / potlucks

Focus on what’s really important during the holidays: eating good food and spending time with the people you love.

If you like to bake or eat baked goods, consider throwing a cookie exchange! Learn how to throw one here

Or, throw a potluck! Have people bring one of their favorite holiday dishes over and enjoy the savory taste of a good home-cooked meal.

Make your present more personal and DIY

Making your own gift can be not only more cost effective, but also more unique and personal to the recipient. Websites like Pinterest has many ideas for diy gifts. 

1.   Buy a cheap picture frame and hot glue bottle caps or buttons to it, then place a meaningful picture inside a voila! Here’s a step-by-step process.


2.   Sharpie mugs, just make sure the Sharpie is oil-based!

3.   Decorated candles, you can find cheap candles and decorate them with twine, ribbons, or even collaging.

Thrift it

One man’s trash, right? While you might want to stay away from thrift stores for things like underwear and bathing suits, they can often be gold mines for other items. Last Christmas I bought my fashionista mother a thrifted coat she absolutely loves: it’s incredibly unique and in good condition.


Thrift stores are full of inexpensive gems, and can often be your first stop in finding unique gifts for your friends and family. Just wash them before you gift them.


No matter what, remember:

Although ’tis the season of giving, never forget the cardinal rule: it’s the thought that counts. While it might be easier to just purchase gifts for your friends and family to unwrap this holiday season, it’s certainly going to cost you more financially.


You may surprise yourself with how well-loved a cheaper gift can be, if you’ve put some thought into it.